Wind and Solar Energy Saving the Power Grid.

Learn how renewable energy sources are helping ease the stress on the power grid while rising temperatures push the needle on our energy bills.

person staying cool in the heat.

Blackouts and heat waves take a major toll on the electrical grid. The increased temperatures lead to people using more electricity than they normally would. People are fighting to stay cool at all costs. This can take the form of air conditioners, pool filters, and more. More people will stay inside instead of going up. They’ll be drawing power from their televisions, using game systems, and other technology to stay entertained.

In the state of Texas, the extreme heat has led to massive blackouts throughout the state. Solar energy has led to a massive help in reducing the strain on the electrical grid in Texas. Renewable Energy has also helped other states with reducing the strain on their power grid. Texas’s energy grids are designed to withstand around three months of over 90-degree weather. With the increased climate changes, there is increased stress on the power.

The rising temperatures in March lead to a neat 70 percent increase in higher rates. Energy companies immediately saw the stain on their systems. These prices were said to be higher than the natural gas prices as well. This costs consumers more than they should.

The CPS in Texas began to slowly start transferring over to renewable energy like solar panels and wind turbines. And the results have been dramatic.

Since the conversion over to wind and solar power, both have contributed to nearly 39 percent of all energy in the state of Texas on the statewide grid. Solar panels contributed to 2,390 gigawatts hours of power. This was also a 70 percent increase in power from a year ago. This also exceeded all the power in 2017.

field of wind turbines
Renewable energy sources helping power our country during climate change

As natural gas prices surge, switching to solar panels is the logical solution. Natural Gas prices have increased by nearly triple what they have been in the past. Prices used to be $3 per unit and are now currently sitting around $8.50 per unit. Although, many CPS officials are saying they plan on closing the natural gas-fired units. Many of these gas-fired units were built in the 1960s and require a lot of power to operate. By switching to a renewable energy source, the power can come naturally from the sun or the wind. Renewable energy and zero-carbon electricity sources powered 38% of the state’s power while natural gas-powered 42%. Renewable energy sources are proving to be a tough rival against the classic natural gas.

Your bills can see a close to 70% in price hikes, all because of the strain on the electrical grid. With the A/C running full blast, switching to a renewable source is the best option you have to fight that price hike.

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