How Solar Panels can Raise the Value of your Home

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In the market to sell your home? Find out how adding solar panels can help you increase the value of your home.

Solar has all the benefits these days. You can take part in the eco-movements of the world and switch from the regular power grid, to your own power. You’ll be saving money when you make the switch to solar panels. The simple switch to solar energy even gives you a break on your taxes as well.

When it comes to money, who doesn’t like saving it when they can?

If you’re in the market to sell your home, has your most recent addition helped?

Depending on the state that you’re in, the answer is a resounding yes! If you live in Rockledge, Florida and plan on selling your home with solar panels, here’s the good news!

Solar Panels and the Market Value

Homeowners, buyers, and appraisers are no stranger to the fact that by installing solar panels and solar batteries increase the property's value. In some cases, home values have seen a $5,911 increase in value. This is based on each kilowatt of solar panel that is installed.

Real estate information company, Zillow has shown that in some states the addition of solar panels has increased the overall value of homes. It varies from state to state, but in some, on average it increased by 4.1%.

If you live in Florida, you could be looking at a home value increase of 4%. This roughly estimates to about $9,454. This is based on the median-valued home in the Rockledge area.

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Solar premiums even vary within state lines. In Florida, while the state premium is 4%, it can increase or decrease depending on the area. In Orlando, Florida, the home values have increased by 4.6% when solar panels were installed on the roof.

Benefits of Switching to Solar Panels

When you buy or lease solar panels, you’ll find yourself saving money. According to Project Sunroof, homeowners in Rockledge, Florida save an estimated $9,000 after installing their solar panels.

Homeowners around the country explain how much they’ve saved. In New Jersey, after one customer's first electric bill, they say a whopping $1,100 in savings. Others have seen an increase of 3% and an overall saving of 10-40%.

With SunShop, we’ll help you through the entire process of installing solar panels on your home. Contact SunShop today for a quote and to get set up with your solar panel investment.

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