How going solar helps the environment and public health!

Installing solar panels not only will help lower your monthly electric bill but also help save the environment and your health!

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Be able to breathe free with Solar Panels!

We have discussed how going solar is now a “green energy.” We have talked about how it will help save you money on your monthly bill. There are also massive benefits to the environment as well! But do you know exactly how going solar helps the environment? Did you know that while you’re helping save the environment, you’re also helping protect public health?

Going solar will help reduce the number of carbon emissions. The ground and water supplies will also be affected by more households going solar.

Going solar is the best option for solving the public health and global warming crisis, and here’s how!

Solar Panels and the Environment

Carbon Dioxide and greenhouse gasses have caused major issues for the global ecological crises. They have led to major changes in climate change. Carbon Dioxide naturally gets absorbed into the atmosphere and then radiates back down to earth. This creates a nasty cycle of heat! The planet will constantly become warmer.

By installing solar panels for your home, you’ll be reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions sent into the atmosphere.

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What your house could look like with Solar Panels!

When you switch to renewable energy, you’re reducing the fuels that create carbon dioxide. Things like natural gas, when burnt, release carbon dioxide. By switching to solar panels, any household that uses natural gas for their heating, will no longer need it.

While everyone knows that carbon dioxide emissions are one of the leading factors of climate change, no one knows the effect of methane.

Methane gases hold longer in the earth’s atmosphere than carbon dioxide. When burning natural gas and petroleum, methane and carbon dioxide are both released into the air. Unfortunately, higher levels of methane get released than carbon dioxide. When you switch to solar energy, you’re removing the need to burn natural gas and petroleum. You’re helping reduce the amount of methane emitted into the air.

The burning of coal affects air pollution. Coal releases chemicals like sulfur dioxide. This will lead to lung damage and potentially cancer. When burnt, coal also releases small particulates of metal and will damage your organs.

Ground pollution

On top of what happens in the air, the ground is also affected. How? Fracking.

Nonrenewable energy sources damage the ground by fracking for natural gas. Many habitats are destroyed as heavy machinery drills into the ground to find the natural gas. Several layers of earth are drilled into, releasing harmful chemicals.

Oil from the pipeline drips in the event of a leak, or barrels leak out, leaving radioactive chemicals to seep into the earth. This will damage habitats for years, leaving many environments unlivable. This also applies to nuclear power. While it cannot affect the carbon dioxide levels, the radioactive materials can pollute the ground. This will render many areas inhospitable and can even leave people with radiation poisoning!

Solar Panels and Public Health

When you switch to solar panels, you’ll also be helping the public health effort! With the harmful effects that burning fossil fuels, natural gas, and coal has on the air, there are a lot of pollutants that are harmful to people as well.

As we said before, when coal is burnt, particulates are released into the air. These particulates will fill people's lungs when they enter the bloodstream. The air pollutants will also have a dangerous effect on the eyes. These pollutants can cause vision damage. Some experience short-term damage that is easily curable. Others experience long-term and permanent eye damage because of the pollutants from burning coal and other nonrenewable resources.

If nuclear energy happens to leak into the ground, the areas around the power plant become uninhabitable. In some areas where nuclear leakages have happened, people have reported cases of cancer and radiation poisoning.

Getting started with Solar Panels

Interested in becoming a part of global change? With Sunshop Solar, we will help you get the right quote for your house and estimate how much you need for your house. If you're looking to not only save money on your electric bill, then going solar is the right way to go! You will be helping reduce your carbon footprint by installing solar panels. While they do take up space, they don’t harm the environment. Most panels are placed in areas where there is no plant growth, so you won't be stopping plants from growing! No cleaning will be necessary because solar panels will be washed from the rain,

What are you waiting for? SunSolar Shop is ready to help you save the planet!

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