How Going Solar Can Save You Money!

The green movement is all the rage these days, converting to solar power is not only environmentally friendly but also budget-friendly!

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The global climate crisis has many looking for new ways to live their lives. The new “green movement” has people looking to be more efficient. For some, this includes recycling bags and cardboard, using reusable straws and bottles, and even buying less paper and plastic products to reduce the amount of trash. They could composite their waste and in some cases even build their own gardens. Others take things to a more technological level. Some will buy rechargeable batteries, electric cars, and even buy water filters for their house.

With so many energy companies out there, how could we possibly turn our houses completely green?

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By installing solar panels on your house!

How do Solar Panels work?

Solar panels are sections of solar cells that absorb the light from the sun during the day and use it to supply electricity to your house. These solar panels are built with tiny little silicon semiconductors. It’s the semiconductors that absorb the sun's light and convert it into energy for your house to use!

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In more scientific terms, the sunlight hits the photovoltaic cells and gets converted into a direct current or DC. The energy then flows through the house and hits an inverter. This converts the DC into an alternating current or an AC. The AC then goes to all the outlets to power your appliances and technology!

After all your devices and appliances are powered up, the remaining power gets fed back into the electrical grid in the solar panels. This will provide you with the electricity you need for when nighttime rolls around.

With solar panels, you’ll never have to rely on an energy company for power again. In the event of a power shortage or a blackout, you’ll have your own power supply ready to charge your house.

The biggest question surrounding solar panels is: Do they help you save money on your house?

Saving money with Solar Panels

If you’re not using an electric company, how much money are you actually saving with solar panels?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average household uses approximately 909-kilowatt hours per month (kWh). They also say that the residential solar panel setup can provide 350-850 kWh per month. Having a solar panel setup for your home can help you save around 90% on your electric bills! And who doesn’t like to save some money?!

Solar panels help you save because you’re using far less electricity to power your home than using the electric company.

The savings on your electric bills aren’t the only place you will be saving money! With your own solar panel system, as a homeowner, you qualify for a special tax deduction! Installing solar panels saves you money on your taxes. Depending on how much you spent on your system, you get to deduct 26% of the installation cost from your federal income taxes. This is called the U.S. Federal Solar tax credit.

If you spent about $10,000 on your rooftop solar panel installation, you would receive a $2,600 tax credit! That’s a lot of money saved!

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Helping the Environment

Using the photovoltaic cells means that we don’t do harmful things to the environment!

It’s no surprise that many electric companies still rely on coal for power. The use of coal produces a lot of carbon dioxide. The use of a solar panel system will reduce the amount burnt by 80 tons or 175 tons of carbon dioxide. You could compare this to removing gas-powered cars!

There are also nuclear power plants and hydroelectric plants that could be considered alternate energy sources, but both have harmful reactions as well. Both plants alter the environment around them. Hydropower plants need massive dams to be built and consume massive amounts of water.

By switching to solar panels, like through Sunshop, you can reduce your carbon footprint! The installation of solar panels equates to planting 4,000 trees. You won’t only be owning your power, you’ll be helping the environment in a massive way. Not only would you be helping create cleaner air, but you’ll also be helping save lives.

By shopping with Sunshop, we help you every step of the way to get affordable solar panels for your home. Contact us today to get a quote and to get started on your solar panel investment!

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